Course Packs

Since 1988, Copies Plus has been an asset to IUP students, faculty and staff, just like they've been one to us! For that very reason, Copies Plus has teamed up with the Co-op Store to sell our Course Packs there for even more added convenience.

Do you have some questions or concerns regarding Copies Plus Course Packs? Well, you're in luck! Check out the Frequently Asked Questions below and you'll soon be a Copies Plus Course Packs Specialist. :)

Course Packs

What Exactly Is A Course Pack?

A Course Pack is a "packet" of customized course materials compiled by an Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) professor for their students. Course Packs are typically compiled of either original content, copyrighted content (copyright permissions must be obtained from the publisher), or a combination of both.

When IUP professors utilize Course Packs from Copies Plus, it often saves them time, as well as saves students money from having to purchase traditional text books, which typically cost at least twice as much.

For even greater convenience, Copies Plus has teamed up with the Co-op Store at the Hadley Union Building, which now gives students the convenience of using financial aid for their Copies Plus Course Packs!

What Are The Benefits of Using A Course Pack?

IUP professors and IUP Students both benefit and come out on top when utilizing Course Packs from Copies Plus.

IUP Professors may eliminate the expense and headache of having to prepare lecture handouts themselves and instead may "customize" their specific material to their own liking once and only make minor changes as needed from semester to semester. Copies Plus Course Packs are faster, easier and more effective to use and may even be ordered online from this very website for even more convenience!

Students love Copies Plus Course Packs because they save time and money throughout the semester. Course Packs cost less than traditional textbooks and also eliminate spending time and money having to copy lecture notes from professors. Course Packs are durable, lightweight, and compact.

What Size Must A Course Pack Be?

Whether you need 5 pages in a pack, or 500 pages, we'd be happy to set your Course Pack up for you! We currently have Course Packs available that are 3-hole punched, comb bound, coil bound and even stapled. Whatever your needs are, we're ready and able to assist you.

How Do I Put Together A Course Pack For My Students?

The entire process is easier than you may think. Simply provide us with the material for your course (lecture notes, articles, journal posts, excerpts from relevant books, etc.) and we'll handle the rest! You can drop off the materials in person, or simply call us and we'll stop by your office and pick everything up from you during your office hours. For even faster turnaround time, you may upload your materials directly onto our website, via our "IUP Professors" tab at the top of this page!

For your convenience we also provide complimentary copies of each of your Course Packs to you, which will be delivered to your office upon your request.

Can My Course Pack Contain Copyrighted Material?

Absolutely! Simply provide us with the bibliography information, and we’ll obtain permission to use the material in your Course Pack.

How Long Will It Take To Produce My Course Pack?

As long as no copyright permissions are required, we'll generally have your Course Pack ready within one business day at the very latest. Typically it will be ready for you within a few short hours, however.

We process all copyright requests immediately. The amount of time required to receive responses differs depending on the publishers and the number of requests.

How Much Will My Course Packet Cost Me & My Students?

Course Packet prices are based on the number of copied pages included, along with the type of binding you choose. Please bear in mind that if your packet contains copyrighted material, the publishers may require royalties. Professors are not charged anything!

As an IUP professor you'll also have the option of taking advantage of our partnership with the Co-op Store, where students have the ability to pay for their Course Packets using their financial aid, for even more convenience.